China: Street Fashion, Set 2

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Suzhou, my favorite spot in China so far, is a photogenic city located in the Jiangsu Province of China with a vibrant, thousands-age old culture. The “Venice of the Orient” has become a place of discovery for tourists and locals alike. More than 2,500 years of history remains here within its ancient architecture and exquisite water roads. My experience felt surreal to say […]

China: Street Fashion, Set 1

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According to the World Population Review, the Chinese population is rapidly growing close to 1.4 billion people. Among the millions upon millions of dark haired, brown-eyed beauties, the fashion styles come in diverse varieties from province to province. I only observed bits and pieces of street fashion in southern China, which in no way represents the entire country. […]

So long, SF. Hello, Asia.

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Today, I depart from San Francisco for a journey through China (6 days), Thailand (6 days), and Taiwan (5 days) with layovers in Hong Kong and Tokyo if those count. A challenging part of traveling to Asia is the plane ride there. My direct flight from SFO to PVG-Shanghai will take a grueling 13 hours clamped to an inflexible chair surrounded by flashing tv […]

2016: A Year in the Making

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I am playing  “Loudspeakers” by MONA on repeat while I write. This year, I plan to continue what I started in 2015 – to exercise my “maker” hands within photography and videography, and to collaborate with others who share the same passions. Side projects, in my experience, have complemented my professional growth as a designer because they challenge me to 1) ask perceptive questions daily and 2) be critical […]

llaurestine 2.0

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Dear Readers, With the flurry of holiday celebrations this season, food and family has taken precedent over our time. I have decided to skip November and December’s visual essays in order to take a temporary break from writing, photographing, and interviewing emerging artists. While it has been an amazing growing experiencing, I realize the need to […]

Portland: Street Fashion


The couples here aren’t shy about coordinating their outfits. It’s adorable. I spent a weekend in Portland from 10/15- 18, exploring what I’d like to call, one-street wonders, where the trendy young (and older) people hang out. Each street was lined with cozy coffee shops, local boutiques, and organic eateries from end to end. I’m reminded of a […]