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I'm pushing out a whole new design for my blog in the next few weeks. The experience you have reading my content is just as important as the content itself. I can't wait to share it with you. Meanwhile, please read on. Thanks for your patience.  - Teresa


My name is Teresa but you can call me "T". During the week, I design user experiences and interfaces for a health information startup based in San Francisco. If you're wondering about llaurestine, I created it to express my curious nature through travel, fashion, and career.  

Email me at teresa@llaurestine.com for collaborations.

What does llaurestine mean?

llaurestine, the word itself, metaphorically brings together elements in my name; however, it is a word that has endured through moments of hesitation and creative paralysis. Before its development, I wanted a simple phrase or term that could represent the eccentricities, passions, and complexities of who I am. So I began to brainstorm starting with cliche identity questions.

1. What do I like?

2. How do I enjoy spending my time?

3. What is my favorite food?

4. What do I envision my life to be like in 5 years?

5. If I had one skill to share with the world, what would I share?

This process of thinking and reflecting has been a long-winded rollercoaster. Over the last decade, I have invented various phrases only to discard them as quickly as they have come. Similarly, when I develop fictional characters for a story, their names evolve as the plot twists and turns. For some unbeknownst reason, I strongly desire to be a storybook character whose name beholds literary symbolism. Perhaps, it's my fascination with the Harry Potter series.

Or perhaps, the culprit has always been perfectionism.

For the sake of being witty and relevant, I wrap the noose of perfectionism around my creative process, stunting an idea before it becomes a masterpiece, suffocating a project before it learns how to breathe…

I, first, needed to learn to breathe.

I am untangling the noose.

Therefore, I revisited the basic identity of a person several months ago. I chose to focus on my name, my birth, my gender, and a passionate love of mine as the constraints for this special “word”.

Name: My mom gave me the Chinese nickname “Lei Lei” when she named me twenty-five years ago, which translates as “flower bud”.

Birth: February can be considered the worst winter month depending on where you live, has an odd leap year tradition, and hosts the sometimes pessimistic holiday, Valentine’s Day.

Gender: Female, girl, woman, daughter, sister, lady, empress, queen, definitely not a princess

Love: Fashion. The sophisticated, structured style of European men and women specifically.

Thus, the phrase “Lady Laurestine” was born and the beginning of perfectionism's slow death (it's a stubborn one). Laurestine, according to the botanical dictionary, means "The Viburnum Tinus, an evergreen shrub or tree of the south of Europe, which flowers during the winter months."

This is llaurestine.

xo Teresa

San Francisco - June 3, 2015 7:59PM (PST)